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Our Wedding Ceremonies

Promote an enjoyable “celebration” of the wedding ceremony in a professional relaxed atmosphere.

Include light hearted and humorous moments amongst the serious wedding ceremony formalities.

Encourage involvement of family and friends in performing readings, applauding, and three cheers to finalise the wedding ceremony.

Deliver an uplifting and energising wedding ceremony that is fondly remembered by all present.

Celebrants of Melbourne will create a wedding ceremony that is right for you.

With your input we create a professional and personalised wedding ceremony.

We guide you through all the necessary steps and lodge all required marriage documents on your behalf.

We help you create a wedding ceremony that is a joyous and memorable occasion for you and your family and friends.

We aim to become your family's Celebrant of choice for upcoming weddings, children's naming days and other important events in your family's life.

We are located 20 minutes north east of the city and cover all of Melbourne and key surrounding areas such as The Dandenongs, Yarra Valley and the Mornington Peninsula.

Get in touch with Celebrants of Melbourne now to arrange your special wedding day ceremony.

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